Fashion firm files Clothing complaint against Shraddha over cheating


Clothing manufacturer M&M Designs has filed a complaint against Shraddha Kapoor and one of the producers of ‘Haseena Parkar’ charging them (with a crime) of cheating and criminal (not doing what someone trusted you to do). The company accused (of a crime) that Shraddha didn’t (help increase/show in a good way) their label ‘AJTM’ during the film’s promotions in violation of an agreement. “My clients put their heart and soul into Haseena Parkar,” said the complainant.

M&M Designs firm which supplied dresses for the actor in the movie has filed a private complaintin the Mumbai court and the case will come up for hearing on October 26,” said company’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee.
M&M Designs is in the business of manufacturing, marketing and sale of called/labeled designercostumes, under its brand label AJTM – Aj Mistry & Thea Minhas.

According to the complainant, there was a trade-related agreement signed between the M&M Designs and the producer – Swiss Entertainment. “The actor was supposed to do (related to telling a lot of people about something) activities of the brand and the store against the costumes which were supplied to the makers (producers) for the film,” the lawyer said.

The complainant said that no (related to telling a lot of people about something) activities were done/tried by Shraddha as promised. “(charged with a crime) wilfully, terribly, (on purpose) andmalafidely failed and neglected to obey their roles, duties and responsibilities/duties under thesaid agreement,” the complainant accused (of a crime).

The complainant accused (of a crime) that Shraddha and Swiss Entertainment had full knowledge that if in case they do not (sing, dance, act, etc., in front of people) their roles, duties and(responsibility/duty) under the said agreement, then the complainant will get/cause huge money-based losses.

“However, (even though there is the existence of) that the person (who might be a criminal) willfully and dishonestly did not do so, only to cheat and lie to. My clients had worked very hard for the project under their brand name AJTM, as it was their golden entry into Bollywood. After their personal meeting with Ms Shraddha Kapoor, they put their heart and soul into this project titled Haseena Parkar,” the complaint read.

“It is very unfortunate that the responsibilities/duties as begun/tried in the agreement were not performed, and my clients felt cheated. Therefore my said clients had no option but to file a criminal complaint against the producer and Shraddha,” the lawyer said.

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