Salman Khan Shared What Exactly Happened On That Night. His Side Of Story Is Totally Different


The blackbuck poaching case involving Salman Khan has received immense media attention. Yesterday, Salman Khan was sentenced to 5 years jail and was also fined Rs 10,000.

His lawyers are trying his best to get him out on bail, but reports said that it would take time till Saturday. This case has been going on since 20 years & finally, the Jodhpur High Court gave its verdict on 5th of April i.e. yesterday.

Salman Khan Shared What Exactly Happened On That Night.


There were tears in Salman’s eyes when the verdict was announced. Even Tabu, Neelam and Saif Ali Khan were accused, but the court acquitted them yesterday.

However, Salman has a different story to tell.

A video of Aap Ki Adaalat is being circulated on the internet in which Salman Khan had revealed what exactly had happened that day.
He said that he had not shot those blackbucks at all; in fact, he talked about the post-mortem reports that were out after the death of that chinkara and blackbuck.

Salman Khan Shared What Exactly Happened On That Night.

In the first postmortem report, it was said that 1 of them died due to overeating, while the other one died because it fell off the wall, broke its leg and got bitten by a dog.

It was in the 2nd postmortem report that it was revealed it is “Probability of gun shot”

Talking about the blood stains, Salman said that it was not the blackbucks’ blood but of their dance director Jay Borade. As the Gypsy passed the speed breaker, he held the bracket inside the vehicle and his thumb got cut due to it. So Salman clarified that the blood stains were of that injured thumb.

We don’t know who is right here. What do you think?


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