Shames us 15 crore children in forced labour across the world: Study


Not a good thing for entire world as a study by the International Labour Organisation has revealed that over 15 crore children aged 5 to 17 years are currently involved in child labour, while at least 4 crore people across the globe live in modern slavery. Adding that slavery isn’t “merely a historical relic”, the study found that women and girls represent 71% of those affected by slavery.

At least 40 million people across the globe live in modern slavery, while 152 million children from 5 to 17 years old are currently involved in child labor, a new report reveals.

“The fact that as a society we still have 40 million people in modern slavery, on any given day shames us all,” said Andrew Forrest AO, chairman and founder of the Walk Free Foundation which, along with the International Labour Organization (ILO),

Women and girls “are disproportionately affected by modern slavery,” representing almost 29 million, or 71 percent of the overall total, the report says, adding that slavery is not “merely a historical relic.”  

Women represent at least 99 percent of the victims of “forced labor in the commercial sex industry” and 84 percent of forced marriages, the report says. About 37 percent (or 5.7 million) of those who were forced to marry were children.

“Amongst the child victims, 44 percent were forced to marry before the age of 15. The youngest victim in the sample was 9 when she was forced to marry,” the document says.

Around 89 million people have experienced some form of modern slavery in the last five years, Forrest said.

At least 152 million (or 1 in 10) children around the world have been subjected to child labor, the ILO said.

“One in four victims of modern slavery in 2016 were children below the age of 18 years,” the paper said.

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