$25 MILLION transferred into Australian woman’s account by mistake

An Australian woman found A$25 million (around ₹125 crore) in her bank account after it wrongly typed her home loan’s mortgage repayments would be A$25,102,017 as opposed to A$2,500. Clare Wainwright contacted the bank over the error after the money was transferred, and said, “Mostly because I figured it wouldn’t play out that well trying to play dumb on that.”


  • A young Sydney woman was accidentally given $25 million from a major bank
  • Clare Wainwright was stunned after finding the substantial figure Wednesday
  • After telling the bank of their error, Ms Wainwright says the money is still there

With only two months until Christmas, many would be hoping for a bit of extra cash to help them through the festive months.

For one Sydney woman, it became reality after a bank’s mistake dropped her in a pool of millions.

Clare Wainwright was left stunned after she found $25 million accidentally transferred into her bank account.

The Sydney lawyer first discovered the mystery millions in her account on October 25 and notified the bank, however it’s still sitting in her account.

The young woman shared the photo of the mistaken money to Facebook, teasingly asking ‘do I skip the country??’.

‘When NAB accidentally pays out your entire mortgage and gives you an extra $24.5mil to redraw,’ Ms Wainwright wrote.

The photo shared to Facebook Thursday night shows $24,544,780.16 in the young woman’s account.

Feeling ‘quite great’ when she first saw the large sum of money, Ms Wainwright told Fairfax Media she contacted NAB about the error but two days later, nothing had been done.

The lawyer said ‘both banks have messed up’ because NAB first requested $25.1 million from her bank, St George Bank, who then transferred the substantial figure, heavily overdrawing Ms Wainwright’s account.

Not tempted to spend the money, like other people have been caught doing in the past, Ms Wainwright said it ‘wouldn’t play out that well’ if she ‘played dumb’ about the excessive figure in her account.

An NAB spokeswoman told the publication they were looking into the reported issue.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted St George Bank for comment.

Source : Dailymail.co.uk




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