47 Lakh North Koreans volunteer Ready to join Army


Will it be a situation of war between USA and North Korea , Around 47 lakh North Koreans, including over 12 lakh women, have volunteered to join the country’s military, according to reports. This comes amid the ongoing tensions between the US and North Korea over the latter’s nuclear and ballistic missile programme. Recently, North Korea had termed US President Donald Trump’s recent statements against it a “declaration of war”.

Some 4.7 million North Koreans have volunteered to join the ranks of the military, a state-media report said on Thursday.

The figure consisted of “students and workers” including 1.22 million women who in the past six days have been asked to join the ranks of the Korean People’s Army, the Rodong Sinmun daily report said.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un issued a statement on September 22 critizising a speech that US President Trump made at the UN, threatening to “totally destroy North Korea”, reports Efe news.

Kim called Trump “mentally deranged” and said Pyongyang would give a response “at the highest level” to what he considered the US President’s insult.

Kim’s continued weapons tests, including his nuclear test on September 3, coupled with rhetorical exchanges between Pyongyang and Washington, have exacerbated tensions on the Korean peninsula.

Trump said on Tuesday that any US military action would be “devastating” for North Korea.

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