Amazingly Delhi Metro removes token selling counters from 70 stations?


The Delhi Metro has removed token selling counters from 70 out of 164 operational metro stations, including Mandi House, to limit human interference and promote the use of Token Vending Machines in the ticket sale process. However, ticket counters will continue to operate at stations connected to railway stations and bus terminals where many first-time travellers are expected, authorities said.

In order to keep human interference to the minimum, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), has removed the token selling counters from 70 of the 164 operational Metro stations in the city.

Officials said in the coming days, ticket counters will be done away at more stations and token will be dispensed from Token Vending Machines (TVMs) only.

However, officials said, tokens will still be available for purchase from the customer care centres. The main aim, they said, was to discouraged human interference in the ticket sale process and instead promote the use of machines installed at Metro stations.

Some of the stations from where DMRC has already removed token counters are Udyog Bhawan, Lok Kalyan Marg, Jor Bagh, Akshardham, Mayur Vihar I, Mandi House and

The DMRC has 216 token vending machines, and is in the process of adding 215 more to take the total number to 431 machines. Earlier, people were reluctant in using the machine as getting change was a task.

But ever since DMRC revised its fares in May this year and with a second fare revision due in October, the fares will be in round figures.

“As part of DMRC’s automation efforts as well as to encourage easy payment options, Token Vending Machines (TVMs) are being installed at all Metro stations. At some stations, ticket office machine (TOMs) have been replaced by TVMs, but the commuters have the option to go to the customer care centres to manually purchase tokens in case they so desire. This facility of purchasing tokens or recharging smart cards manually will continue to be available at the customer care centres of all stations,” said Anuj Dayal, DMRC spokesperson

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