Best PC games of 2018 (Best upcoming PC games of the year)

Best PC games of 2018 (Best upcoming PC games of the year)

It’s easy to forget what happened last week, never mind six or seven months ago, but looking back, 2017 has been a bountiful year for PC games. Best PC games of 2018 (Best upcoming PC games of the year).

In our Game of the Year awards we’re celebrating the stand out games that defined the year for us, but there are so many more greats to look back on. Here are the games PC Gamer’s editors and writers loved most this year.

1. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Best PC games of 2018 (Best upcoming PC games of the year)

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is an action-adventure  stealth video game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Soft works. Best PC games of 2018

It is the third game in the Dishonored series, following Dishonored 2, and was released 15 September 2017 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Best PC games of 2018. “Best upcoming PC games of the year”

It follows former-assassin Billie Lurk as she finds her mentor Daud and aids in his quest to kill the Outsider, a supernatural being who bestows magical powers on a select few. Best upcoming PC games of the year

Best PC games of 2018 (Best upcoming PC games of the year)

2. XCOM 2 War of the Chosen

Best PC games of 2018 (Best upcoming PC games of the year)

XCOM 2 is a turn-based tactics video game. The War of the Chosen expansion makes changes to XCOM 2s campaign structure and adds new enemies. Best PC games of 2018 new hero characters, modifiers, and more behaviors for characters.

The expansion introduces a new set of enemy aliens called the Chosen. Three elite alien warriors tasked by the Elders to defeat XCOM and recapture the commander.

The Assassin, which uses stealth and is able to kidnap the player’s soldiers directly from the battlefield. “Best upcoming PC games of the year” The Hunter, an alien-human hybrid that uses long range rifles, and the Warlock, who uses psionic powers and can summon additional enemies during battle.

As the game progresses, the Chosen gain new exclusive abilities over time, and eventually become able to launch a direct attack on the Avenger. The Chosen continue to appear occasionally during missions even after being defeated, and can only be killed for good once their base is destroyed as well.

Best PC games of 2018

The game also introduces three rebel factions that antagonize each other. But grant special hero classes once their allegiance is earned. Best PC games of 2018 The Reapers, specialized in sniping and stealth, the Templars. Who developed unique psionic abilities and the Skirmishers, former ADVENT soldiers with exclusive equipment and tactics.

The expansion also adds a neutrally-aligned zombie-like enemy type called the Lost. “Best upcoming PC games of the year” Former humans that will attack both the ADVENT and XCOM in battle, along new ADVENT units with exclusive abilities.

3. NieR: Automata

Best PC games of 2018 (Best upcoming PC games of the year)
Best Pc Games of 2018

Nier: Automata (stylized as NieR: Automata) is an action role-playing video game developed by Platinum Games and published by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. “Best upcoming PC games of the year”

Set in the midst of a proxy war between machines created by otherworldly invaders and the remnants of humanity, the story follows the battles of a combat android, her companion, and a fugitive prototype. Game play combines role-playing elements with action-based combat and mixed genre game play similar to that of NierBest PC games of 2018

Best upcoming PC games of the year

Production began in 2014, with series creator Yoko Taro, producer Yosuke Saito and composers Keiichi Okabe and Keigo Hoashi returning to their respective roles. Best PC games of 2018

While also incorporating issues such as confronting prejudice and escaping difficult situations. The goal was to make a Nier game true to the spirit of the original, while simultaneously crafting a better combat system. As a project entirely new to the developers, the staff at Platinum Games faced multiple challenges when developing its gameplay and open world environment.

4. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Image result for Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom. Best PC games of 2018. 

PlayStation 4 – with support for the PlayStation VR headset – and Xbox One.

Best PC games

Ethan makes use of weapons top 10 pc games for 2018. And tools in the fight against the Baker family and the “Molded”, a humanoid form of bacteria. “Best upcoming PC games of the year”.

Thus, the game uses a first-person perspective. It is the first full-length game to be developed in the RE Engine. “Best upcoming PC games of the year”

5. Destiny 2

Image result for Destiny 2

Led by Ghaul, the imposing commander of the brutal Red Legion.

He has stripped the city’s Guardians of their power, and forced the survivors to flee. You will venture to mysterious.“Best PC games of 2018” unexplored worlds of our solar system. To discover an arsenal of weapons and devastating new combat abilities.

“Best upcoming PC games of the year” you must reunite humanity’s scattered heroes, stand together, and fight back to reclaim our home.

6. Forza Motorsport 7

Image result for Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Motorsport 7 is a racing video game featuring over 700 cars—including new Forza Edition cars.

Including all from Forza Motorsport 6. “Best PC games of 2018”. A fictional street circuit in Dubai is one of the new circuits and several tracks returning from Forza Motorsport. 4 including Maple Valley Raceway.

Mugello Circuit and Suzuka Circuit. Two features that are new to the Motorsport title include dynamic weather (previously seen in Horizon titles) and customisable drivers.

7. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Image result for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Is Top 10 games of 2018 a multiplayer online battle royal game developed and published by PUBG Corporation. A subsidiary of Korean publisher Blue hole. Best PC games of 2018

And expanded into a standalone game under Greene’s creative direction. “Best upcoming PC games of the year” In the game.

Up to one hundred players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons.

The available safe area of the game’s map decreases in size over time. Directing surviving players into tighter areas to force encounters. “Best PC games of 2018”

8. Call of Duty: WW2

Best PC games of 2018 (Best upcoming PC games of the year)

It is the fourteenth main installment in the Call of Duty series. World at War in 2008. The game is set in the European theater.

“Best PC games of 2018” . And set mainly in the historical events of Operation Overlord. The multiplayer expands to different fronts not seen in the campaign.

Best PC games of 2018

With many appreciating the return to the franchise’s World War II roots. Best PC games of 2018

And return of the health bar in single-player, Zombies mode, and multiplayer. “Best upcoming PC games of the year” . Lack of innovation and similarity to past games set in the same era.

9. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Best PC games of 2018 (Best upcoming PC games of the year)

For Nintendo Switch. Best PC games of 2018 The game is the eighth main entry. The Wolf en stein series and the sequel to 2014’s Wolf enstein.

The New Order, set in alternate history 1961 America. Best PC games of 2018

“B.J.” Blazkowicz and his efforts to fight against the Nazi regime in the United States.

10. Assassin’s Creed Origins

Best PC games of 2018 (Best upcoming PC games of the year)

Is an action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. “Best upcoming PC games of the year” It is the tenth major installment in the Assassin’s.

Creed series and the successor to 2015’s Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

“Best PC games of 2018” PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 27, 2017. And recounts the secret fictional history of real-world events.

The story explores the origins of the centuries-long conflict. Between the Brotherhood of Assassins.

Who fight for peace by promoting liberty, and The Order of the Ancients. Forerunners to the Templar Order—who desire peace through the forced imposition of order.


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