CISF personnel evacuated passangers as metro stuck between stations


A Delhi Metro train on the Rithala-Dilshad Garden line was stuck at Yamuna bridge on Sunday due to entangling of overhead wires. The passengers were evacuated through emergency exit after they complained of suffocation. A woman, who fell unconscious during the evacuation, was lifted by Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel and brought to Kashmere Gate Metro Station for treatment.

A 32-year-old woman had to be carried by CISF personnel when a metro train was stuck between two stations on the Rithala-Dilshad Garden line of Delhi metro on Sunday morning.

According to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), the pantograph of a train and the overhead wire were entangled and evacuation was done as de-tangling had to be done.

The incident took place before the Kashmere Gate metro station when a train coming from Dilshad Garden was stuck at the Yamuna Bridge. Since it was Sunday and incident took place at 6:30 am, there was not much crowd.

“Due to the technical snag, the metro train came to halt. After some time the passengers started feeling suffocated and it was decided to open the emergency door and to evacuate them. The Quick Reaction Team (QRT) of CISF rushed to the spot and helped the passengers evacuate through the emergency exit,” said a CISF official.

The CISF facilitated the passengers to de-board safely. During the process, a woman fell unconscious. “As there was no stretcher available, she was lifted by CISF personnel and brought to Kashmere gate metro station. A stretcher was provided and she was sent to St Stephen’s Hospital for necessary treatment,” the official added.


The QRT personnel boarded the train from Shastri Park where the CISF’s office is located.

“The train has been sent for checking. There was no major effect since it was early morning,” said a DMRC official.

Other passengers had to walk on the track to reach the next station and none of them were injured.

For next 15 minutes, one platform was unavailable for operation at Kashmere gate and once the train was removed, operations were resumed.

In the morning, train runs at a frequency of 15 minute, so there was not much impact on the overall traffic.

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