Fare Hike in Delhi Metro to be effective from today


Amid the ongoing tussle between the Centre and Delhi government, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has decided to implement the proposed Metro fare hike from today. This comes even as the Delhi Assembly passed a resolution against the proposed fare hike on Monday. The fares will go up by a maximum of ₹10 after the hike comes into effect.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation board today met Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and considered his proposal to defer the hike in metro recommended by the Fare Fixation Committee (FFC).

However, after the meeting the FFC decided that the fares will be hiked as decided earlier.

The new hike will come in force from today.

In the meeting today, the board was informed that under section 37 of the Metro Railways (Operation and Maintenance) Act, 2002, recommendations of the FFC are binding on the metro rail authorities.

Subsequently, the board noted that it does not have the competence to consider/defer implementation of the recommendations of FFC.

Metro fare to be hike

Earlier today, the DMRC had called an emergency board meeting tonight to discuss the fare hike issue.

At the meeting, the DMRC board is likely to consider the Delhi government’s proposal to review the proposed metro fare hike.

Before the board meeting, DMRC officials are meeting officials of the Urban Development ministry at Nirman Bhavan and trying to find a middle path on the Metro fare hike issue.



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