India shames Pakistan in UN using fake picture to push false narrative


Pakistan always use fake ways to keep India down same he is doing now, Slamming Pakistan for misrepresenting a picture of a Palestinian woman as a Kashmir victim of pellet guns, India at UN said Pakistan was using “fake picture to push a completely false narrative”. Showing a photo of a J&K officer who was tortured and killed by Pakistan-supported terrorists, India said it was the “real picture” of the pain inflicted by Pakistan.

Paolomi Tripathi, the junior-most diplomat in India’s mission to the United Nations, today responded to Pakistani diplomat Maleeha Lodhi, who tried to pass off a Palestinian woman as a victim of pellet gun fire in Kashmir yesterday.

And she did her job with aplomb.

“The Permanent Repesentative of Pakistan misled this Assembly by displaying this picture to spread falsehoods about India. A fake picture to push a a completely false narrative,” she said.

Tripathi wasn’t done. She fought, shall we say, picture with picture – a “real picture.”

“This is a real picture, of Lt Ummer Fayaz, a young officer from Jammu and Kashmir. He was brutally tortured and killed by Pakistan-supported terrorists,” she said, as she held the photo up for the world to see.

Maleeha’s Lodhi mendacious performance at the General Assembly was a response to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s take-down of Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who accused India of committing war crimes in his own speech to the UNGA.

People who listened to Abbasi were saying, “Look who’s talking,” Swaraj said in a bravura oratorical display.



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