Interesting facts about Crocs



1. Crocodiles have lived on this planet for about 200 million years before.

2. At present, there are 23 species of crocodiles on earth.

3. They have world’s highest biting force of about 5000 kgf in one bite, more than                      any other animal at present.

4. They are known for swallowing rather than chewing their prey.

5. They live on an average for 70 years.

6. They are 15 to 20 feet in length.

7. They are mostly found in Asia, Africa and Australia.

8. They are basically of two types- Salt water and Freshwater.

9. Salt water crocodile is the gaint and dangerous to humans. They are basically                         found all across Nile river in Africa.

10. To maintain body temperature, they use to open their mouth in sunlight.

11. They breed generally in rainy season.

12. Female crocodile gives 40 to 50 eggs at one sort and takes care for about 3                              months.

13. 99 % of the babies are eaten up by other predators.





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