New earth is about to be discovered.


The astrophysicists of the University of Texas believes that one star system, about 16 light years far from our solar system, may exists. One Indian scientist is also involved in this discovery New earth is about to be discovered in our solar system.

New earth is about to be discovered in our solar system

This star, so called Gliese 832 by scientists, is known to have a earth-like planet revolving around it. This star is half the size of sun and as such it is named as Red Dwarf. This star is known to have two planets revolving around it, Gliese 832b which is of the size of Jupiter and Gliese 832c which is of the size of earth. This two planets were discovered by the concept of radial velocity.

Gliese 832c is revloving in the inner orbit and is believed to be our new home but the research is still going on.

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