A samosa,weighing 153 kg is manufactured in one of the Masjid in London


Whenever a guest comes to our home, we use to welcome him with tea and samosa. In and out of India, wherever there is Indian restaurant, one may definitely find samosa in menu.But today, the news which I am interested to show you is coming from London, U.K. A special kind of edible item is in news these days, manufactured in one of the Masjid in London. The kitchen used for its manufacture is named as construction site. This prepared was correct 153.1 kg. The purpose of this mission was to unite peoples of all community.

The senior fundraising officer of Muslim Aid Charity Group, Farid Islam says- ” To prepare mega samosa’s, 100 kg of potato, 30 kg of onion, 11 kg of green pees and 25 kg of pastries was required. 20 people were working from last one month before its manufacture.

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