Sorry Barcelona. More than 13 deaths, many injured in Spain terror attack


In the crowded and lively area of Barcelona,On Thursday: Spain’s city of Las Ramblas, a van exploded and trampled many tourists. In a short while, there were more than 13 dead bodies in this pleasant place, and thousands of fear-stricken people were praying for the safety of their lives by taking a shelter here. Before people could understand something, the forces were gathered all around in a while.Spain attack from ISIS

This was another tire attack by ISIS in a major city in Europe. So far, ISIS has targeted its targets in London, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Turkey, in Spain this attack was an answer to the action against the US-led Sunni Muslim terrorist group.

Shortly after this, the second attack was also carried out in the Spanish city of Catalonia, in which 6 civilians were reported and 1 policeman was injured. It is said that these attacks are associated with the Barcelona attack. Even in this incident, a car tried to attack itself.

Many innocent people have died in this horrendous terrorist attack, many are so scared of this accident that they will never be afraid of their heart. In order to register its presence and strength in ISIS, it has been the first such attack in Europe in this way.


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