Know the Story behind triple Tallaq


Finally, Supreme Court came into the picture and gave judgement for triple divorce as illegal offence and recommended governor to pass bill within 6 months. Some of the women fought against this very bravely. Let’s know about such women who got divorce just because she was having daughter.

1. Ishrat Jehan, Kolkata, West Bengal

She had been living in Kolkata with her husband and children for 15 years when her husband gave triple talaaq on phone in the year 2015. She said-” He was creating violence everyday just because they were having three daughters. Finally, in 2014, she gave birth to a boy but by then, it was quite late. Her husband had already set his mind to be married again.

2. Atiya Sabri, Saharanpur. U.P.

It was just 2 years after her marraige when her relationship was very tensed because she gave birth to two child, both of whom where girl. Her husband’s family were very rude and violent to her and even she was attempted to be poisoned. One day, a  ten- rupee affidavit was sent to her brother’s office saying ” Talaaq Talaaq Talaaq”.

3. Afrin Rehman, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Afrin was married in five star hotel with much fanfare. Those days, she was doing job after completing MBA. Her husband, being a lawyer, she left her job to start her new life. She says her married was not that as it was hoped. Dowry was not getting over and on it’s refuse, he used to be violent. She was depressed. After her mother’s death in an accident, she was about to overcome her grief when she was posted with triple talaaq.


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