Virat Kohli’s love for dogs


The captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, is known for his aggressiveness nature in field but his private life is quiet simple. Recently he adopted 15 dogs from Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre , which means he will be paying for taking care of them. He has never been back down when the question is of charity. Virat Kohli’s love for dogs

Virat Kohli’s love for dogs

The president of Charie’s Animal Rescue Centre already knew that some VIP is coming to him but no one were knowing who are coming. He was instructed to keep this as secret. When Kohli reached the centre, everyone was surprised. After inspecting the entire centre, he adopted 15 dogs, out of which most of them were blind.

Kohli is meant basically for cricket lovers but even his haters would love him for his act.


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