Digital Marketing – Next Big Step For Your Career Opportunity


Internet and mobile have changed the whole world and thoughts of people regarding search for any products or services including each one of us. Technology is touching everyone in any way so that we can spent time on internet. The last decade have been the most phenomenal growth in technology their uses and the most powerful one is definitely the Internet. While internet on mobile or desktop or the digital world in particular have changed the way we live today, it has also opened an array of career opportunities and lead the digital world in every prospects; the myth that the technology, especially the internet will cut the job across the world have completely proved wrong that it is now have become one of the biggest place for jobs, for various professionals; now lets look at how Digital Marketing as a whole can be a good career opportunities;

As mentioned digital world have grown like a wild fire and reach to maximum people and touched upon each one of us some or the other way, this has become an integral part of our business and further a place where you can market your product and services; while marketing through internet is still not have become an integral part of every marketing activity but it is trying to capture maximum people with quality specifications, the pace in it is moving from traditional to digital is very fast. Most businesses today use internet media or popularly known as Digital Media for the brand awareness to reach the targeted audience. This new media have opened up a large opportunity to marketer’s to plan their marketing exercises much more effectively as Digital Media gives you a much more target oriented marketing than the traditional media. It gives you the power to choose an activity or campaign on the basis of region, income group, gender group, age and other filtration to reach your target, which the traditional media have not been able to give. This fast paced growth of Digital Marketing has also opened number of career verticals and opportunities, lets discuss some of the most important avenues of career opportunities in Digital Media.

Organic Presence or Lead Creators / SEO Specialists:

Today we search for every needed information for products or services through the google or other search engines. Think about the search results you get are the efforts of professionals who are called as Organic Value Creators. The job profile of a SEO specialist play a vital role to ensure his client business pop up in the first or the early pages of a search engine. Paid advertisements and Paid campaigns may give you instant result the most effective Digital Marketing is Organic value creation of your business but to save the maximum amount and to gain more leads you need to depend on SEO specialist. Gone are the days you will have a website only for your web presence, today every business expect business generation or lead generation through their website. An SEO specialist is one of the most important person in the Digital Media Value Chain. Anybody who is a 12 + can become an SEO specialist and start earning a salary starting from 3.0 to 3.5 lacs annually. Remember there is huge requirement of qualified quality SEO specialists in the Business Market.

Social Media Experts / Specialist : 

We all use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus accounts which we use everyday to communicate or express our view to our friends and relatives or share image to make world more creative. Today we all have more virtual friends than the real friends. Social media is not any more just a place to hang around, it is also a serious place where opinions are created and you promote your business, formulated and even activated. Quite often now you here that your friend have found his life partner through Facebook or any other social media sites. LinkedIn the network of professionals are used by both companies and individuals to find jobs or getting the right resource. When the social media is making all the waves all around, there is a huge career opportunity is also has opened for professionals who are called Social Media Specialists. Handling social media pages of companies / businesses or individuals often require the help of professionals who intern assist them in creating brands on social media or maintain your CRM (customer relationship management) through it. If you are social media buff and have a creative acumen along with communication skill an ideal career is awaiting for you as Social Media Specialist. An average salary of a good qualified professional may start from 3.5 – 4.0 lac annually in any of the Digital Media Marketing Agency or at any digital marketing MNC.

Content Writers:

Content play very important role for any website visibility in terms of search or in term of impact in users mind. You search for any information related to your goal which will be given in fraction of seconds. Have you ever thought these information given are generated from multiple sources across the globe. The content you see in the internet can be broadly placed as marketed content or factual information. Quite often the factual content can also be a marketed content. The amount of information and data which internet has and further will be added every day will be required qualified content writers who can write some unique content. The writing content for content marketing require special skill sets according to various mode of communication with in the internet and to relate with current scenarios. Writing a blog or article are a very a few activities of content writer in Digital Media, it also come with content development for websites, written some short content for promotion prospects, review creation content, content for social media and so on. the opportunities are unlimited and growth potential as a career is really promising. If you are a graduate in English or any local mainstream language with a passion for writing, this is an ideal career opportunity for today and tomorrow. Getting trained under senior is essential for you to make sure that your skills are apt for Digital Marketing : once you have an experience of 2 years you can easily command a salary of Rs. 3.5 – 5.0 lacs annually.

Paid Campaign Managers :

Campaign manager is a person who manage all paid things on social media or on Adword and generate Leads, create brand awareness and distribute the business to different platforms . The marketing war is not only happening on television and print media, it is making waves in the internet world with a positive approach. The traditional media have always been and will remain so for one way communication, the Digital media have opened an opportunity for brands and businesses to communicate with its TG and the customers also have now the window to raise their doubts, clarifications or review online. Digital Media today is one of the favorite advertisement spot for businesses, with Adwords, PPC (pay per click), Re-marketing etc.. the avenues of advertising in the internet is growing day by day, so as the requirement of effective Campaign Managers. Planning a Digital Media Campaign and effectively executing the same requires professional expertise. A campaign manager is a very important profile in digital marketing department and with the growing advertisement spend by brands and businesses, the need of this profile is going to get increased with the time to come.


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