How to reduce exam fear (How to overcome exam stress)

How to reduce exam fear (How to overcome exam stress)

How to reduce exam fear: Exam stress for a student is very common. Sometimes, due to stress students tend to get sick before the commencement of the exams. In order to avoid the anxiety and pesky evaluations of how your exams would go, it is of high importance that you have a broader look towards the situation and clear your mind with the crowdedness of skeptical thoughts. Believe that these thoughts are just your mind game, it’s nothing real. Here are top 10 tips to handle your exam stress that might help you slide through the situation easily.

How to reduce exam fear


1. Know Your Syllabus very Well and the Exam Pattern

There is always a pattern of an exam. You should know the exam pattern or you can have a look on previous year question papers easily available on the internet. Before this, you should be clear what your syllabus is and the things you need to cover to score high.

2. Make Sure You have Notes Created by You while Studying

Memorizing each and every thing from the course book is difficult. If you   make notes while studying, you can revise easily and memorize things in a better way before the exams. The notes should be made in points rather than long paragraphs. thats help you too how to reduce exam fear.

3. Eat Healthy Food

Do not neglect your food when your exam comes near. Eat healthy stay healthy. Have proper meals to make your body function normally.

4. Time Management

During exams, people tend to sit at one place studying all day long. A student knows that nobody can study more than 3 hours at a stretch. Take significant breaks while you study best tip for how to reduce exam fear.

5. Study in a Peaceful Area

Your study room or your study area should be like an exam hall or similar to the exam hall. It should be free from disturbing noises of your home. This will help you in concentrating while you study. How to reduce exam fear

6. Drink Water in frequent Intervals

How to reduce exam fear (How to overcome exam stress)

Drinking water in frequent intervals is a good habit as it helps you to stay hydrated. Your muscles do not go into the state of rest or fatigue. Your grasping power will stay intact if you study for long hours.

 7. Get Enough Sleep

Taking proper rest is the key to success. If you do not sleep 6-8 hours a day, it might make your body tiresome and you can have problems while concentrating. Drowsiness reduces your concentration level.

8. On the day of Exam, Don’t Rush

On your exam day, do not rush to exam center. Be calm and try to arrive early. It would be great that you find your seats on time and start filling up the necessary things on the sheet provided. How to reduce exam fear

9. Exercise

How to reduce exam fear (How to overcome exam stress)

Wake up early in the morning and exercise for a while. You can take short walks in the parks in the vicinity of your home. This will recharge you and lower down your exam stress.

10. Bonus tip: Read Your Question Paper Clearly, Don’t Panic

Do not panic if you come across a question that you do not know or you forgot something in the answer. Read the question paper clearly and look for the choices of question that you can leave and attempt to score well enough. How to reduce exam fear

How to overcome exam stress

These tips will help you manage your exam stress in the most joyful way. Remember, exam stress is just in your head. All the best, do your best.

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